Introducing DGM

Dec 6, 2023

DGM is a web application that simplifies the creation of various diagram types, from initial idea sketches to professional diagrams like UML and ERD. When we communicate, we often require various types of diagrams. We’ve used tools like StarUML for software modeling and Excalidraw for quick idea sketching. Additionally, Lucidchart and are good for more complicated diagrams.

However, using multiple tools for different purposes becomes tiresome due to varying formats, distributed storages, and different user experiences. To address these challenges, we created DGM based on specific needs:

  • Free for local use forever: We commit to keeping local use permanently free. Drawing diagrams offline is crucial for security and uninterrupted work.
  • All diagram types in one app: We aim to eliminate the need for multiple tools by offering UML, ERD, UI Wireframing, and quick idea sketching in a single application.
  • Web publishing: We enable diagram image publication and seamless embedding in various sites (e.g. GitHub README, Notion, Slack, etc) with unique URLs.
  • Hand-drawn style: Supporting hand-drawn styles helps break away from obsessing over perfect layouts, allowing users to focus on content rather than style.
  • Theme-adaptive colors: With both Dark and Light themes being prevalent, creating diagram images adaptable to both themes via automatic color conversion after a single creation.
  • Smart shapes: Enabling diverse diagram expressions beyond basic shapes by allowing every shape to possess extended attributes, constraints, and scripts, facilitating complex notations like UML.
  • AI Assistant: Allows integrating with OpenAI GPT-4V to generate codes of various languages from wireframes, UML and ERD diagrams.

We developed DGM to fulfill these needs and are thrilled to release the open beta version to users for the first time.

🎁 Happy diagramming!