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An online sketchnotes for professionals

You can easily create sketches and diagrams with smart shapes, collaborate with team in real-time, and generate code with Vision AI.

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Free forever for local use

You can use free forever if you are working with local files.

Well-crafted libraries

You can use pre-built libraries for UML, ERD, Flowchart, UI Wireframe, etc.


AI Assistant

You can generate codes from diagrams using OpenAI's GPT-4 Vision.

Smart shapes

Shapes could have constraints, properties and scripts.

Cloud storage

You can save your diagrams on cloud and access them anywhere

Image export

Diagrams can be exported to PNG and SVG images.

Hand-drawn styles

You can make shapes with hand-drawn style and font.

Shape libraries

You can import and share shape libraries with community.


Real-time collaboration

You can collaborate with your team in real-time.

Web publication

You can publish diagrams on web and embed it within other sites.

7 days of history

You can restore your diagram to any point in the last 7 days.

Theme-adaptive colors

Colors are automatically adapted to light or dark mode.